Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taxi Driver Review

Taxi Driver, I cant remember this movie too much because I was falling in and out of sleep half the time I was watching it but I think I watched the most important parts. Basically Travis Bickel (played by Rober De Niro) is a lonely cab driver. Being the only white cab driver in all of New york he didnt have many chances to make friends so he began watching a lot of porn. After this my memory goes blank but I remember a little later he gets this cool haircut and tries to kill some guy, your typical scorsese film. I suggest you check out some of De Niros more recent roles like in Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers, atleast theyre funny.



Tote Katze said...

Still have to watch this. I've heard good things from friends.

TheOneGuy said...

old school movie :) ... followed

Anonymous said...

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