Saturday, January 22, 2011

Harry Potter 7 review

I just watched Harry Potter 7 with my friend Colin.

This movie was horrible, I dont even understand how bad this is. From the first scene it was trying to set some regime status on us which was laughable. The ginger kid ron looked built and Harry still looks like a 13 year old.
You cant see it on here but he does look bigger, I figure anyones too embarrassed to post it, yeah its that pathetic. They also added some stupid dance scene with Harry and Hermione when Ron left were Harry tries to flirt with her while they dance and some music is playing. Its just stupid.
Btw this movies time sequence is too fast, you cant enjoy the movie. All in all, some idiots were laughing through out the movie at the jokes designed for idiots. I sat there blankly, still I watched.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, I know Colin wont.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Season of the Witch Review

So yesterday we went to the theaters with no plan on what we would watch. The only movie we hadnt seen in the list was Season of the Witch, knowing about the horrific reviews, I still felt we should watch it because of Stephen Graham (Snatch, This is england) and Robert Sheehan (Misfits). After about 10 minutes, I thought to myself  "this might just be the worst movie I've ever seen", but then came the pristine moment I had been waiting for to save this movie from a black hole of shit, it was the Harvey's burger I had snuck into the theater, still hot from the package, I sunk my teeth into it with such anticipation yet did not want to finish it too fast for fear of depression. The combinations of all the sublime vegetables and the perfectly cooked meat was just too much for me. Unfortunately the burger sensation had to end and I had to go back to the movie. Then I fell asleep.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top 5 movies of the year by Colin and Nick

Colin's top 5

5:   The Social Network

One of the main reasons I liked the social network so much is because of how bad I thought a movie about facebook would be, especially with Justin Timberlake. Then the great reviews came in, so I went to see it and was pretty amazed, great dialogue, cinematography ( expected from david fincher ), acting ( even from justin timberlake) and even the plot kept me interested till the end

4:         Toy Story 3

Not much to say, Im not much of an animated movie fan but I always liked the first toy story as a kid and this one didnt disappoint.

3:    Inception

Though it wasnt perfect, I really enjoyed Inception because of how epic it felt. This is really what cinema should feel like. It was like seeing The Matrix for the first time in theaters except for a stronger cast yet weaker effects and story

2:    Shutter Island

I really loved this movie and view it as one of Scorsese's best for so many reasons, yes the twist was easy to guess but that was the point of the movie, everything came together so well. Great direction, great acting by the whole cast, even the minor characters were very well acted, great music and cinematography make this a must-watch.

1:     Black Swan

Ive always loved Aronofskys work since I watched requiem for a dream and Pi, so I was really anticipating this movie and to my surprise It was even better than I would have thought. Portman gives the performance of the year, the camera work is absolutely stunning and it has the best score of the year.

Almost made the list : True grit, 127 hours, Let me in, How to train your dragon, Kick-ass

Nick's top 5

5:       Machete

Machete, mystery,suspense,action, adventure and using someones guts as a rope. Need I say more?

4:   Shutter island

Enticing and engaging are words you can use to describe this movie, but i'll only use one, epic. This movie blew my mind on so many levels I was literally foaming at the mouth.

3:   Black Swan

This movie was fantastic on many levels, I dont think another movie has done a better job of showing the absolute best and worst in a single person as well as this one did.

2:     Social Network

The social Network was a great movie, from the first scene I was pulled into the movie and felt as if I were actually there. I dont know how much of the story was true but Jesse Eisenbergs performance makes it worth seeing in any case.

1:    Inception

Inception was definitely my favorite movie of the year for so many reasons. First of all the cast was really good, the music fit the movie perfectly and the special effects were insane, most of all because of how little of it was done by computer.

Almost made the list: True grit, daybreakers, the fighter, scott pilgrim

-Colin and Nick