Saturday, January 22, 2011

Harry Potter 7 review

I just watched Harry Potter 7 with my friend Colin.

This movie was horrible, I dont even understand how bad this is. From the first scene it was trying to set some regime status on us which was laughable. The ginger kid ron looked built and Harry still looks like a 13 year old.
You cant see it on here but he does look bigger, I figure anyones too embarrassed to post it, yeah its that pathetic. They also added some stupid dance scene with Harry and Hermione when Ron left were Harry tries to flirt with her while they dance and some music is playing. Its just stupid.
Btw this movies time sequence is too fast, you cant enjoy the movie. All in all, some idiots were laughing through out the movie at the jokes designed for idiots. I sat there blankly, still I watched.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, I know Colin wont.



Sarai said...

haha I hate Harry Potter so much.

Anonymous said...

me to

Caleb Mooney said...

The poster image looks like they're trying to copy twilight? And since when was that a good idea?

pv said...

i did somewhat enjoy the movie

ERRÆL said...

Why do I keep going to see these?